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Guinness World Record Attempt

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Here is what we are.

Managers Without Borders - India is a noble initiative by three young highly enthusiastic students of management, placed across length and breadth of Indian and abroad.

Registered as a Non-Governmental organization under Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001. The mission is to bridge the gap between various stakeholders in the national building by constructing a dense network of students and professionals in the field of management. Managers Without Borders – India is affiliated as a youth club in Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan( Ministry of Skill Development, Entrepreneurship, and Youth Affairs & Sports), Member of Indian NGOs partnership system by planning commission, Government of India and also listed member of Department of Economics and Social Affairs(DESA) and Economics & Social Council(ECOSOC), Youth for Social Policy and Development Division of NGO Department, United Nations.

Latest news and events

July 2, 2017

GST – A Positive Way Forward?

Goods & Service Tax (GST) What’s so special about the month of July? Well apart from the Independence Day of the world’s oldest democracy (USA), there […]
May 1, 2017

OBOR: A Glory of Past or A Gateway to Future

The inception of One Belt One Road (OBOR): In 2013 China’s President, Xi Jinping, put forward China ambitious One Road One Belt (OBOR) plan in an […]
December 21, 2016

BITCOIN – A New Kind of Money

Bitcoin is the subject matter of the underground web technology that remains inaccessible to conventional search engines and consequently to most users of the Internet. According […]

"If you can think of it,

you can also do it.

But just start doing it."

- Yeshwanth Daram

The best way to find yourself

is to lose yourself in the

service of others

- Rakesh Gandla

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"

I Create

I Take Risks

I live My Passion

I Am An Entrepreneur

  • MWB transforms a Management student into an innovative, skillful and resourceful entrepreneur. Our Initiative "Pledge to E-Recycle" was a successful attempt to enter Guinness book of world records and at the same time our effort to preserve the environment. The Value added programs undertaken by MWB such as E5 Summit, E5 Innovations & E-Digital has reached many management students where they provide knowledge beyond classroom learning for management students.
    Narsi Teja Reddy
    President, MWB-India (IBS Chapter)
  • MWB is such a platform which provides real good exposure to management's an opportunity to add to yourself by having practical approach towards what all we learn in our course through relations with the corporate world
    Mohammed Shanawaz
    President, MWB-India (IBS Chapter)
  • MWB is a platform to me where I can get practical exposure and could implement my past experiences as an entrepreneur. This platform will help students to apply their bookish knowledge in this fast moving era and groom their managerial skills.
    Shameek Sen
    MWB-India (IBS Chapter), Catalyst
  • It helps me bridge the gap between students and industries in the field of management. It empowers young minds and highly enthusiastic students and also facilitates entrepreneurship development among the existing and upcoming management graduates. MWB also imparts students with knowledge, learning experiences, a platform to grow and groom their managerial skills thereby exploiting their hidden potentials.
    Geetika Gandhi
    MWB-India (IBS Chapter)
  • MWB is not just a bridge between students and professionals/experts, it gives a platform to wannabe entrepreneurs to enhance and improve their skill set. The e5 vertical helps in the overall/holistic development of an individual through workshops, internal sessions, guest lecture by industrial experts, etc Thus its not wrong to claim that it helps in shaping the mind of an individual in such a way as to attain his/her goal.
    Anmol Thacker
    MWB-India (IBS Chapter), E5 Innovations
  • MWB gave me a platform to showcase my writing skills and at the same time provided me an opportunity to explore value added opportunities such as E5 Summit, E5 Innovation, Catalyst & Pledge to E-Recycle.
    MWB enriches your abilities and adds a meaningful base to your experience through which you can contribute to yourself and to the society.
    I Thank our founder and Co-founder for giving me an opportunity to be part of this great organisation.
    Ignatious Vivek Pudota
    MWB-India (IBS Chapter)
  • MWB actually preaches what it says.One simple statement: benefiting the students is the motive. Working in MWB is a great learning and am preparing myself for a better career this way.
    Geetika Bansal
    MWB-India (IBS Chapter),E-Digital
  • Entrepreneurship always serves to be invigorating. Nevertheless, the way we choose to analyze our surroundings capable enough to affect our idea generation very much matters. MWB is a medium to analyze this environment affecting much of our present day business decisions. This helps us understand the rational behind the much popular decisions taken. MWB encourages students to inculcate the habit of thinking in the lines of "what why how when where who".
    Meghana Gollapudi
    MWB-India (IBS Chapter),E5-Innovations
  • Mwb is a channel where you will get an industry exposure,and you can acquire management skills.It  is a place where you can explore your knowledge.
    Ravi Teja Tangudu
    MWB-India (IBS Chapter)